The Importance Of Martial Arts In The Growth And Development Of Children

The Importance Of Martial Arts In The Growth And Development Of Children

Martial arts is a sport that is of a Japanese origin. Originated it was a skill that was to be taught to the Japanese people to help them in defending themselves from their enemies and also from attacks. Forms of martial art include judo, karate, kendo and kung fu. This sport can be taught to anybody regardless of their age. This is because it involves acquisition of new skill that can help you in life. Children are the best target audience for this sport; because it helps in their growth and development in the following ways.
· They Become Active
A healthy child is one who is very active. Being active keeps your child fit. Fitness is good for their health because it makes their body systems to function properly. This means that their body functions.
· Brain Development
Martial art needs lots of attention and alertness. This means that their brains have adopted to help them focus. This is beneficial during the development stages of growth of a child. This will help them in school work and also understanding of life lessons. Martial arts also help connect the brain to the body. Being able to coordinate both at the same time makes a better than other children.
· Gaining of Self Confidence and Respect
A good child is one who has got a good personality. A child who has got self-respect and is confident can be referred to as a good child. This helps develop the relationship between your child and other people in the society. Martial art instills discipline in children at an early stage and teaches them on how to relate with others.
· Growth
Martial art helps in growth of children. Children who practice martial arts have got very active brain cells. These brain cells are responsible for coordinating other body functions which contribute to growth. Growth can also be on some body parts because human body will always grow to adjust to the conditions that it is exposed to. This is what is referred to as mutation.
· Team Player
Martial arts often involve a group of people. Your child will interact with these people and learn how to work as a team. In martial arts, they always promote team work because they believe in togetherness. This will also help your child have social interaction skills which is good for growth and development.
· Good Physical Health
The tradition of practicing physical exercises keeps you away from diseases such as obesity. Children are always the most affected group, since their body cells are not yet strong enough to fight some diseases. Keeping fit with exercises done in a martial art class will help them maintain good health conditions as they learn life skills.
Generally, Martial arts have got very many advantages to our kids. It involves from physical fitness to perfect health maintenance. Martial art will teach your child on life skills and how to handle any tough times. It will teach them on how to relate to one another. All these are lessons learned by children but when having fun. Since school takes much of your child’s time, think of enrolling him or her to a martial art school to teach them in a different style that they will easily understand.

Guest post courtesy of Fort Worth Kids Martial Arts Center.

The Martial Arts Tournament: A Trial of Skills and Courage

Whether you are watching an action movie or flipping through your cable channels, martial arts have invaded popular culture and are more popular now than ever. Ever since Bruce Lee kicked ass on the movies people have been fascinated by martial arts and this has lead to an explosion in popularity that still continues to carry onto this day. From the days of Karate Kid and the McDojos in the 80’s, to the popularity of UFC and the rise of Mixed Martial Arts the Tournament’s Arena has always been the best judge on who is the best.


Most Martial Arts had their origin in fighting techniques that were used to survive on the battlefield. But even after guns nullified the use of hand-to-hand combat in war, unarmed techniques have outlived their battlefield use and are still being taught today to people who wish to be able to defend themselves in any situation of their daily lives. Whether it be a soccer mom who wishes to practice her cardio and learn some self-defense techniques on the way, or the nerdy kid in class who is bullied, martial arts teach discipline, sel-reliance, and give its practitioners a mature understanding of violence but more importantly, how to prevent it.


Watching Dragon Ball as a kid was my first experience with martial arts, but when i started practicing in a Karate dojo for the first time I realized how mistaken my idea of a Martial Arts tournament was. Contrary to what I had seen on movies, Tournament organizers took a lot of care on separating the competitors by weight and their experience so that the best Martial Artist would win, instead of turning into a freak show with the bigger guy walking over a weaker opponent. Even in Martial Arts talent can only take you so far. Size matters, even at the top level. This is evidenced by the most recent Lexington martial arts tournament.


Most frequent Martial Artists who frequent Tournaments train constantly (even daily) to develop their skills and are always looking to perfect a special technique with which they shine the most. In Karate and other traditional Asian Martial Arts there are several events where a practitioner may compete including fighting, kata (a choreography of different attack and defense forms), and breaking bricks; while other more modern Martial Arts like MMA Tournaments are often strictly limited to fighting events. But regardless of what type of Martial Arts it is there is no doubt that to get to the top and win a martial artist needs talent, dedication, and a lot of heart.


The rules of a tournament depend on the type of Martial Arts and what are the guidelines set by the federation or organization that promotes the event. Other than how many points the judges scores for certain techniques, every tournament is based on using the skills that are taught by the martial art of the competitors. Once the date arrives and the tournament starts the competitors have to face several elimination events intended to weave out fighters and leave only the best for the final event.


If you are reading this article then chances are that you are a beginner martial artist who is interested in starting to compete. Going to your first Tournament can be a very exciting, even intimidating, experience. That’s why it’s good for beginners to keep in mind that wherever they compete they can be confident that the division in which they compete will contain other Martial Artists who are equally experienced as they are. I was actually very nervous in my first Tournament but my teacher was always beside me explaining me how it wasn’t different than a normal sparring session and this is a thought that can help any beginner relax before their first fight on a tournament.


In the end, after all the medals and trophies have been awarded, and the crowd of fans and family members are taking pictures with the competitors, regardless of how well they did each competitor can look back at his experience with pride knowing that he or she stood up to the challenge. The lessons learned in a Tournament can never be understood in a gym or dojo, no matter how good the teacher is. The Tournament is the forge in which the spirit of a warrior is forged.

Reasons to Train in Martial Arts


Numerous parents are starting to realize the many benefits that training in the way of martial arts would be able to provide for their children. Many youths today grow up with hand to hand fighting as one of their first aggressive games or exercises. Not just is it an extraordinary action that keeps members physically dynamic, however, it also imparts a feeling of accomplishment and morals, as you work your way up to acquiring a belt of the highest degree. However, regardless of the fact that you have no past involvement in hand to hand fighting, it is still an extraordinary action to get even as a grown-up. Unlike other sports, martial arts is an all out body workout.

Numerous Reasons to Train in Martial Arts

martial_arts_by_minoritymanThis is a high-high-impact workout that uses each muscle bunch in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, adaptability, parity, and quality will all enhance through hand to hand fighting. You would not only be able to develop a solid body, but also a solid way of life. Due to the aggregate body nature of a hand to hand fighting workout, huge amounts of calories are blazed amid each class. In any case, you’ll additionally find that your regular eating signals turn out to be better controlled, so nourishment yearnings will vanish and you’ll eat less accordingly.

Steven_Ho_Martial_Arts_KickYou would be able to develop a sense of self-assurance. Due to the objective setting, positive support and regard for qualities that are a piece of every single one of these programs, the best advantage typically reported by combative technique understudies is more prominent fearlessness. You turn out to be more agreeable in all circumstances, whether you’re in threat or just doing an assignment that takes you past your customary range of familiarity, and you’ll find you can fulfill anything you set yourself to.